The Joy of Unity in Christ

Philippians 1:27-2:11

“Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a

manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ.”

Philippians 1:27a

Main Idea: Unselfish, unified believers rightly represent the Gospel of Christ, selflessly serve one another, and joyfully glorify the Lord.

  • We are called to be unified because we are citizens of heaven. 1:27-30
    • Standing together in a spiritual battle for the Gospel to be heard.
    • Standing together in belief.
    • Standing together in suffering.


  • Humility is key to unity for the sake of Christ. 2:1-4
    • Unified in thought, heart, spirit and purpose.
    • The antithesis of unity is selfishness.


  • The supreme example of humility and unselfishness.  2:5-11
    • Humble in attitude.
    • Humble in actions.



v  Are you a citizen of heaven?

v  Do your attitudes and actions reflect well on the Gospel?

v  Is your default response to look out for your interests first?

v  Are you unified with Christ?

v  Are you unified with the family of God?