Seeing Jesus For Who He Really Is

Luke 9:21-36

A voice came from the cloud, saying, ‘This is my Son, whom I have chosen; listen to him.’” Luke  9:35


Main Idea: The one we follow is truly greater than what the world offers.


  • A disciple of Christ is called to continually set aside autonomy. Vs 21-23


  • Carrying a cross is a sign of submission.
  • Carrying a cross meant scorn from the world.


  • A disciple is called to give up what the world can provide in exchange for that which only God can provide. Vs. 24-46


  • A disciple is called to give up worldly security.
  • A disciple is called to give up worldly glory.


  • A disciple relies on the true identity of Christ and trusts in Him alone for the future. Vs. 27-33


  • Jesus was transformed into His glorious state.
  • Moses and Elijah were encouraging Christ in His redemptive work.


  • We follow Christ with confidence knowing that He truly is God’s Son.




v  Do you struggle to give God control of your life?  In what areas to you still want to have control?

v  What worldly temptations tend to pull you away from following Christ?