Love Never Fails:  Honor God with your Body Part 2

I Corinthians 7:1-16


  • When you regularly engage in a mutually satisfying sexual relationship with your spouse you protect yourself from sexual immorality. 7:1-6
    • Your obligation is to enjoy your spouse sexually.
    • Your obligation is to recognize that your body belongs to your spouse.
    • Your obligation is to not allow other priorities to ruin your sexual relationship with your spouse.


  • Note: Paul had the gift of singleness but only a few have this gift.  Vs. 7-8


  • Marriage is to be pursued by the single person who is wrestling with strong sexual desires.  Vv. 9


  • Marriage is designed by God to be permanent.  Vv.10-11


  • Marriage is not to be broken because of a change in status. Vv. 12-16



A word about divorce: If you have been divorced please do not view yourself as a second class Christian or that you have committed the unpardonable sin. You may have had to get out of a marriage because of some horrible circumstances.


If you have been through the pain of divorce and you have remarried please don’t think about the past but the mate God has blessed you with today. Focus on the teaching about a healthy marriage that God has for each of us.


  • How are you doing in making your marriage all that God wants it to be?
  • If single, how are you doing in honoring God with your body?