Living Life as God’s Treasured Possession:  Keep Your Commitments!

Malachi 2:10-16

“They will be mine,” says the Lord Almighty, “in the day when I

make up my treasured possession.” Malachi 3:17a


Context:  Malachi reminded the covenant community of Israel that they were to be faithful in their marriages.  This was a demonstration of their commitment to the covenant God had made with them.  In this passage of scripture God is described as their Father, Creator, and Judge.  As Judge, God warned them of the consequences of not keeping their commitments to Him.

Remember: You are God’s treasured possession, and you belong to the family of God if you have trusted in the cross work of Christ for your personal eternal salvation.

Main Idea:  Our unconfessed relational sin ruins our fellowship with God.


Your reveal that you are God’s treasured possession when you choose to:

·            practically obey the word of God. 2:10

·            humbly confess sin in order to genuinely worship God.     2:11-14

·            guard your heart so that your relationship with your spouse and the Lord grows deep.   2:15-16


ü  What do you need to do to guard your marriage?

ü  How are you doing in keeping your commitments to God and to others?

ü  How is your fellowship with God?