Living By Faith: The Power of the Gospel

Romans 1:1-17


Paul establishes his spiritual connection with the saints in Rome by explaining the call of God on his life to proclaim the glorious gospel of grace to Gentiles and reminding them of God’s call on their lives to belong to Jesus Christ by faith. Romans 1:1-7

  • The gospel is God’s promised plan that was accomplished by Jesus Christ.
  • You can trust the gospel because…

God directed the prophets to write about the promised messiah.

Christ fulfilled the promise of being a descendant of David.

Christ was powerfully resurrected by the Holy Spirit.

Christ was exalted as the Son of God.

  • Following the example of Paul, you are called to be ambassadors of this gospel of grace.


Paul knew about the powerful testimony of the saints in Rome which motivated him to pray for them and want to see them so that he might encourage them to live out the truth of the gospel of grace. 1:8-15

  • Following the example of Paul, you can encourage fellow believers by your fervent prayers for them and your active presence in their lives.


Paul boldly proclaimed that all who respond in faith to the glorious gospel of grace possesses eternal salvation and the righteousness of Christ.  1:16-17

  • You have the righteousness of Christ and eternal salvation by faith in Christ.
  • Because of your faith in Christ

You are saved from the penalty of sin.

You are saved from the present power of sin.

                  You are saved from the future presence of sin.


Application:  Have you trusted in Christ for your salvation? Who is God inviting you to encourage by your prayers and presence?  How has your response to the gospel changed your life? Do you know what you possess in Christ?