Living by Faith:  Healthy Body Life Displayed

Romans 16:1-27

The righteous will live by faith.”1:17b


Context:  In Romans 16 Paul joyfully celebrates men and women who faithfully and diligently serve the body of Christ. He warns the faithful about those who are divisive in the church. He concludes his message by glorifying God for the transforming power of the gospel to change lives all over the world.


Healthy body life flourishes when

the faithful work diligently together to accomplish God’s purposes for his church.



the roles of men and women in doing the work of the ministry are valued.

the faithful promote unity in the church by dealing radically with those who are divisive.   16:17-18


the faithful live a life of obedience to Christ. 16:19,25-27

the faithful live life knowing that Satan will be ultimately defeated by Christ.  16:20




Have you trusted in Christ for your personal eternal salvation?

Have you dedicated your life to Christ so that you might daily become more like Christ?

Are you choosing to faithfully serve Christ by engaging with others in the work of the ministry?




Final Thoughts: 


Paul’s message in Romans is an invitation for each of us who have fallen short of the glory of God to believe the good news of the gospel for our eternal salvation. Christ sacrificed his life for you so that you might have the opportunity to have new life, forgiveness of sin and that you might be reconciled to God. You are declared righteous by God when you place your faith in the finished work of Christ who paid the personal penalty for your sin on the cross. You walk in this new life in Christ by choosing to dedicate your life to the Lord so that you might be sanctified as you faithfully obey Christ in cooperation with the Holy Spirit. You are motivated to do this in anticipation of that day when you will be glorified and with the Lord forever.