The King is Coming:  His Millennial Reign

Revelation 20:1-15

“Behold I am coming soon!  Blessed is he who keeps the words of the prophecy in this book.”  Revelation 22:7




  • Our warrior king will demonstrate his authority over Satan by confining him to the abyss for a thousand years. 20:1-3
  • Our warrior king will reward the faithful with the privilege of reigning with him for a thousand years over the world. 20:4-6
  • Our warrior king will reveal his power over Satan and the forces of evil by giving him the freedom to rebel and deceive the nations at the end of the millennium. 20:7-9a
  • Our warrior king will put down Satan’s final rebellion and throw him into the lake of fire for the purpose of eternal judgment. 20:9b-10
  • Our warrior king will judge justly from the Great White Throne the rebellious actions of the wicked and throw them into the lake of fire.  20:11-15


Truths to live by:


  • Your faithful service to the Lord in this life will be rewarded in the kingdom.
  • You should align yourselves daily with the purposes of God because He is victorious over Satan and the forces of evil.
  • You should live in confident hope of your future with Christ because He will eternally condemn Satan and his followers.
  • You should proclaim the gospel to the lost because all who reject Christ will not escape the judgment of hell.


Application:  Are you living for now or for your future with Christ?  Who is in danger of hell that needs your prayers?  Who is God prompting you to reach out to with the gospel?