Caught up in Him: Growth through Adversity

1 Thessalonians 3

“Night and day we pray most earnestly that we may see you again and supply what is lacking in your faith.”

1 Thessalonians 3:10


Main Idea:  Embracing the challenge of adversity produces a mature believer that grows in faith in God, loves others and is holy before God.



  • How we choose to respond to difficulty sets us on a path of maturity or decline. vs.1-5  (Rom 8:29, 2 Cor 3:18)


  • Growth through adversity leads to an enlarged faith.

vs 6-10


  • Growth through adversity can increase our capacity to love others. vs 11-12


  • A maturing believer has a heart that strives for holiness. vs 13   (Heb 12:14, 2 Peter 1:3, Heb 4:12-13)





  • How do you generally respond to difficulty? Do you seek to avoid it?  Do you ever try to take matters into your own hands when you should be trusting God?



  • Are you willing to continue to love someone who has hurt you?



  • Are you content with maintaining external holiness, and not working on the holiness of your thoughts and attitude internally?