Bearing Spiritual Fruit

John 15:1-17


Main Idea: Our deep, intimate, dependent, love relationship with Jesus flourishes with spiritual fruit and brings glory to God when we choose to obey Him. 15:1-17


Jesus teaches all those who have trusted in him for salvation to live with Him in deep intimate fellowship. 15:1-6

  • Jesus is the source of your spiritual fruitfulness.             Vs. 1a, 4-5
  • God does whatever is necessary to help you to be spiritually fruitful. 1b-2
  • Note the context:  Jesus declared his disciples to be born again.15:3;13:10
  • When you fail to pursue intimate fellowship with Christ it always has consequences. John 15:6


When you choose to obey Jesus and His teaching you bear spiritual fruit and bring glory to God. 15:7-17

  • You testify that you are a devoted follower of Jesus. 15:8
  • You are promised answers to your prayers. 15:7, 16b; 14:13-14
  • You demonstrate your sacrificial love for Him. 15:9-10
  • You experience true joy. 15:11
  • You are identified as His intimate friend. 15:14-15
  • You sacrificially love others.  15:12-13,17



  • By God’s grace what choices do you need to make today to bear spiritual fruit for the glory of God?
  • Are you living a life of independence or dependence?