All In on Holiness

Nehemiah 13:1-31


“But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written: ‘Be holy, because I am holy.’” I Peter 1:15-16

Context:  Nehemiah was so concerned about the spiritual vitality of the restored community that he radically confronted their sin so that they might live as holy people before the Lord.  As the spiritual leader of the nation he confidently asked the Lord to bless his efforts.  13:1-31

Note: Spiritual leaders have an obligation to humbly confront sin in the lives of those they are leading.

You are able to live a holy life when you

  • Obey the word of the Lord. 13:1-3
  • Separate from those who actively work to destroy your faith. 13:3-9
  • Don’t allow self-interest to subvert your commitment to obey the Lord. 13:15-22
  • Pursue a life of purity. 13: 9, 22, 30
  • Humbly respond to those spiritual people in your life who confront you about your sin. 13:10-14; 23-31


v  What has God called you to do to help those around you walk in obedience to the Lord?

v  Do you have anyone holding you accountable for your spiritual life and holiness?

v  How are you doing in knowing the word of God and obeying the word of God?

v  Do you have any relationships that are hindering your obedience to the Lord?