All In from the Heart

Nehemiah 2:17-18; 3:1-32; 4:6


Context: The people enthusiastically engaged in the rebuilding of the wall in order to accomplish the plan of God for restoring Jerusalem as the spiritual center of the nation.


  • The people confidently responded to the plan of God to rebuild the wall because Nehemiah had shared with them how God had prepared the way. Nehemiah 2:17-18
    • He shared the need in Jerusalem for restoration.
    • He shared the truth of God’s presence with him in the mission.
    • He shared the generous response of the king to the mission.
    • His message motivated the people to start this good work.


  • The people, from every walk of life, enthusiastically joined Nehemiah in the plan of God to strategically rebuild the wall because they saw the need.   Nehemiah 3:1-31, 4:6
    • People from all walks of life worked on rebuilding the wall.
    • People outside the city came to work on the wall.
    • People were willing to disrupt their normal way of life to do the work of God.
    • The wall builders were described as working with all their heart.


Main Idea:  When God’s plan becomes clear to you it should motivate you to enthusiastically do what is needed to carry it out.



  • Has God revealed his plans to you through his word?  How have you responded?
  • Has God revealed his plans to you through godly leaders?
  • Has God revealed his plans to you through others?
  • Is it clear to those around you that you are all in on the will of God in your heart?