2020 Is Hindsight

2 Chronicles 20

 “Don’t be discouraged by this might army, for the battle is not yours, but God’s.”


Main Idea: Knowing God is never changing will encourage our faith for what lies ahead.

Jehoshaphat looked to what God did in Israel’s past to encourage his faith.  This gave him direction. Vs. 5-7

Jehoshaphat turned to God’s promises to ask God for FAVOR. Vs. 7-9

Jehoshaphat turned to God for deliverance. Vs. 10-12

God responded back to their cries with favor. Vs. 15

  • Don’t be afraid.
  • Don’t be discouraged.
  • The Battle is not yours, but it is Gods.

God responded back with direction. Vs. 16-17

  • God gave direction on where the enemy would be.
  • God gave direction on how they were to prepare for them.
  • God gave direction on who was with them.

God responded back with deliverance. Vs. 18-24

  •  This is not a formula on how to get God to battle for you.  This is a principle of humility and trust.
  •  The victory was not in their song, but it was in the surrender of their weakness to let God “cause.”

he people’s response to God’s deliverance. Vs. 26

They named the place of the victory. “The Valley of Blessing.”

Vs. 27-28 They praised and thanked God.

Vs. 29-30 They shared the story with others.

Our physical response in worship is a message to others of your faith and relationship to God.


  • How do we respond to crisis or discomfort in our daily lives?
  • Are we quick to fix or do we pause and ask God for DIRECTION, FAVOR and DELIVERANCE?