Children’s Ministry COVID Directions;

The class breakdown will be Infants, ages 2 – 6, 1st grade – 3rd grade, and 4th and 5 grade.

To provide a healthy environment for our children to return to their classrooms we have a few changes on our Sunday mornings.  We appreciate your help on this.

Here is what we need the parents to do:

  • Check your child’s temperature before you arrive at church.
  • Keep your child home if they are sick.
  • Drop off and pick up your children from their classrooms.
  • Fill out a quick questionnaire about your child’s current physical condition.

Here are some changes for the classes:

  • Each classroom will provide each child with their own supplies.  NO SHARING!
  • Each child will receive a pre-packaged snack and water from a food retailer.   NO SWAPPING!
  • All teachers will be required to wear a mask if they will be in close contact with a child in their classroom.
  • All doors will be left open for airflow in the classrooms.
  • Toys will be placed in a dirty basket after a child plays with it. NO SHARING! J
  • All work surfaces will be sanitized at the end of the teaching time.

Thanks for your continued support. These temporary practices are not perfect, but will go a long way in helping to reduce the spread of viruses.  We are stronger together and made stronger through this time.